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8K TV's
8K TV's

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8k 4k 1080p resolution dimensions

Other technologies like high dynamic range (HDR) can and do sometimes make a more visible difference, especially from a distance, since TVs show a brighter and more colorful picture with HDR. That said, 8K is absolutely noticeable on larger displays, especially up close.

A brief history of 8K TV (so far)

Just as 4K TVs were beginning to take off, 8K started appearing. While display panels had been shown earlier, Sharp showed off the first actual 8K TV at CES 2013, with an impressive 85-inch model. Of course, this TV wouldn’t be available for purchase that year (or years later), which is often par for the course at CES, especially with cutting-edge technology.

In following years, other companies began to show their own 8K TV prototypes, even as content providers were struggling to keep up with 4K. This too eventually changed, with Japanese broadcaster NHK kicking off the first 8K satellite broadcasts in 2016. Later that year, part of the 2016 Rio Olympics were shot and broadcast in 8K by NHK, though viewers could only watch them in that resolution at special theaters.


While 8K TVs have been shown at every CES since 2013, the 2018 show seemed to have a new push behind the higher-resolution behemoths. Major TV players like Samsung, LG, and Sony all had 8K TVs on display at the show, though it will likely be a while before they’re anything resembling common.

Things took a major step forward at IFA 2018. LG unveiled a behemoth 88-inch 8K OLED TV, and while we don’t know anything about pricing, the TV looked absolutely jaw-dropping and could likely launch in 2019. Not to be left out, Samsung debuted its own 8K TV, the 85-inch Q900, a version of which we recently checked out for a hands-on review. The TV is already available for a shock-inducing £11,850, but that’s actually less expensive than we expected to pay for this kind of monstrous, cutting-edge display.

lg 88 inch 8k oled tv introduced ifa2018As you may remember from the early days of 4K TVs and HDTVs, initial models are likely to stay on the expensive side for some time. You can still pay plenty of money for a 4K TV these days, but many affordable models are available as well.

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