Bad Backlighting

Bad LCD TV Backlighting

I would say most TV Repair Workshops are good at what they do, whether they are High Street or Home Base which many are due to large overheads these days. However, I'am seeing this type of poor workmanship more and more often; they're just out for a quick buck and don't care about the electrical or customer consequences. So, before you pass any electrical / electronic device to any shop or home run workshop, check them out via reviews, it's the only way and good luck and beware.


LCD TV Backlighting Continued...

I wanted to show people a LED Backlighting Repair done correctly, if your a good Technician you'll follow this simple rule set out by the OEM's for everyone's good; that means Technicians & Customers. If the TV to be repaired is valued by the customer and still worthy of repair and the Backlighting has failed then replace the Backlighting Array in Full; Change it all or don't do it at all, the reason for this is simple.

1# Change in full or don't it at all and if you choose to repair and you ignore this rule you will more than like be heading for trouble, you and your customer.

2#  The part change of new backlighting will stress the old backlighting left in the TV, causing it to fail shortly after and bringing TV back into the Workshop.

3# The change of a single LED or LEDs is only advisable if backlighting is no longer available for the model in hand and if that is the case; is it worthy of repair.

Anyway, you'll find some pictures below on the LG 42LB5500-ZA that I repaired with Full Backlighting Array, hope this gives insight to all about Backlighting options...

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