The Xbox One X from Hell

We took on a Xbox One X job which seemed to just have HDD issues, we inspected the HDD to find it was in a critical condition which was brought on by intense heat which intern had come from the AMD Jaguar X950118-002 which had completely baked out its thermal paste to the point of it being like concrete.

The customer had already tried installing a 1TB Hybrid HDD and found it to be glitchy. We assumed it was just a bad install, plus the console was also overheating and needed Re-Pasting, so we Re-Pasted with Arctic MX4 and Reloaded with the latest OS for Xbox One X, Bench Test and sent the customer on his why as we were confident that the console was repaired as it Benched flawlessly for a day..

Days later customer reopened his ticket explaining that console still had strange issues, he then ticketed us back explaining changing the internet source seemed to resolve the issue, we left ticket open just incase and the next day console was failing to the point of not booting and from that point we just couldn’t get it loaded.

So we went over all the work that we done and could not find any issues in what we had done in the way of a service and start on component level diagnostics and could not find any issues. we then decided to do a flow incase it was a cold joint under the APU and noticed that something was not wright in one of the corners, so we performed a lift and found the fault.

AMD Jaguar X950118-002 BGA Foot Print
BGA Site of Jaguar X950118-002 on Xbox One X Game Console…

Above we can see the AMD Jaguar X950118-002 BGA Site on Xbox One X Mainboard, we can also see that they have change the BGA Pattern which has been the same since the Xbox 360S. 0.6 balling was used with a pitch of 0.6 with horizontal and vertical lines squared was used on the 360 Slim up to the Xbox One Slim. Now MS has moved over to a BGA Pattern which resembles the AMD Jaguar for the PS4 Pro but it’s a much bigger die at 190MM Square; hell it won’t fit in my BGA Balling Jig and there is no BGA Stencil Support for this Massive AMD just yet. Let’s get a look at the BGA Balling issue in the picture below.

Corner of AMD Jaguar X950118-002
Un-Tinted Pads on Xbox One X BGA Site

What we can see here is at the bottom corner of the BGA Site where three pads have not even taken a tint at all. This means when this XB was being manufactured the APU did not take the micro push as it should of done but the XB did boot and had done for over a year. This means the three balls on the APU did have contact to the pads for some time via the pull of the other balling that had adhesion on the BGA Site and as the PCB went through the riggers of gameplay the connection was lost after a year or so of useage. I can tell you that the said pad’s are common ground and I’m sure they are need and maybe dispersed very differently via the APU Pad Array and this is the fault that could not be found till now, will this be a common fault.

The only issue now is; how the hell I’m I going to get this massive Jaguar re-balled without a stencil, it’s going to be a nightmare for sure and I’m pretty sure no one has attempted this yet. We’re going to keep this blog open to the point of completion weather we get a boot or not, we’re hoping to get a boot as this will give everyone some insight to the non starting issue that has occurred on this one any many others.

June 5th 2019 Update

Xbox One X APU

OK, this picture shows that we’ve cleaned off old BGA Balling in the attempt to Re-Ball without a Stencil. Yes we’re mad as hatters. But take a look at the solder we gathered off the APU. On the right hand side is the Balling that came off the APU, looks very dull to me, in most case it’s brighter than that even after rework and it’s also unleaded as we know.

On the left hand side is our leaded point six solder Balling we’ll be using to Re-Ball the APU. Point six is also bigger than what MicroSoft originally used to ball there AMD Jaguar X950118-002 with. I believe it was more like point five rather than point six, it’s hard to tell for sure and there’s no spec out there anyway.

I’m using point six in the hope that it might take up some of the slack as it’s such a big die and there is room for point six, it should also seat well on that size too. Will update again once we’ve got the AMD Jaguar Balled Up and ready for flowing back on to the mainboard…

June 21st 2019 Update

Xbox One X APU Complete Ball Up

We have now balled up the Xbox One X APU, thanks to my wife Claire. We worked out that BGA Pad Array is around 2200 balls, trust me she has more patience than me, we did have to make some adjustments on some of the outside of the balling where some migrated into one, which we’ve rectified. Now we’ve just gotta flow it back on and hope none of the balling migrates in flow when the APU settles down onto the Pad Array.

July 2nd 2019 Update

Here we have the AMD Jaguar X950118-002 balled up and scorpion board prepped and ready for the flow back on.

ACHI 6000

So we got it jigged up and flowed APU back on which was very successful, no real amount of warpage, APU settled evenly exactly within PCB guideline and even gap all round between APU and PCB BGA Site. Here’s a few picture to scroll through.

So I would of put up the photos of full assembly but I think most people and techs would find that boring and you just want to know the out come right.

So here it is below in the next picture, from a white pulse fause start to a solide white light.

BUT, that’s all we had, we’re not sure if we have a secondary fault or the APU looks seated but it’s not quite seated correctly, could even be ball migration in flow. All I know is we have a stable light, APU is warming up and the HDD does seem to be busy in what seems like boot and then settles down like it’s at Dashboard but nothing is certain.

So, i’m not gonna give us just yet, to be continued at some point…

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